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2 million emails
an hour
with 99% deliverability

How MAX makes
a difference

All you do at GetResponse and all of the solutions you constantly introduce limit the issues with deliverability. Not every ESP does it. Many marketing platforms were not able to deliver a solution we needed to send the large volume of emails we need to. Most can handle 1 million, but not the volumes we send.

Kamil Zukowski Direct Marketing and Monetization Manager at GOG

200% increase in
email marketing
in a year

How MAX makes
a difference

When we send our messages through the platform, our goal is not only to send emails with a beautiful graphic design, but we want our messages to be delivered to the right contacts, with the security of good deliverability and free of spam, too. And, thanks to GetResponse, we have a 99% deliverability rate for our messages.

Gabriel Mendes Ecommerce Manager at Livrarias Curitiba

Increasing sales
and revenue KPIs
with email A/B

How MAX makes
a difference

With GetResponse you can actually check what is driving your KPIs. We’re doing around 20 split tests at the moment. We’re testing how different colors, background images, CTAs impact sales and revenue.

Matt Page Email Marketing Executive at MobileFun