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Craft personalized, multichannel experience for your customers and maximize revenue.

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At last, a no-frills platform designed to drive sales

Marketing software is often overly complex. Instead of driving ROI, it can drive your CFO into despair. Since 1998, ecommerce businesses have turned to GetResponse to increase sales through a platform with efficient, budget-friendly solutions.

Deliver unique shopping experiences across channels

Combine the power of your data and GetResponse MAX AI tools to create personalized, multichannel customer journeys.

  • Reach more shoppers through emails, SMS, web push notifications, and paid ads.
  • Orchestrate marketing automation workflows across all channels in our visual drag-and-drop customer journey designer.
  • Centralize all your transactional and engagement data in one platform for easier personalization management.
Deliver unique shopping experiences across channels

Get more sales with AI product recommendations

Unlock the power of website and email personalization with an AI recommendations engine that transforms page visits into individual shopping experiences.

  • Upsell and cross-sell effortlessly across your website and email channels.
  • Create recommendation scenarios including “Bestsellers,” “Most viewed,” “Recently visited,” “Others viewed,” and more.
  • Leverage one-click integrations with the most popular ecommerce platforms.
Get more sales with AI product recommendations

Check how we helped an ecommerce fashion brand get MAX results and accelerate their growth

Pako Lorente used AI product recommendations to speed up the sales conversion process, increase sales and average order values.


Ecommerce, fashion


monthly value of recommendations added to the basket.


conversion of sales after the recommendation of bestsellers.


sales conversion rate after viewing a recommendation.

Allakando, the fastest-growing tutoring company in Sweden, used email and marketing automation tools to manage its audiences and evaluate performance.







Red Hot Marketing, an affiliate marketing agency, used GetResponse MAX to grow its email lists, engage and retain its audience’s interest, and increase sales conversions for its offers.


Affiliate marketing

for every 1,000 emails

a typical return
from standard campaigns.

for every 1,000 emails

a return from
strategic campaigns.

Grow your audience and transform it into customers

Collect data and generate more leads with dedicated tools designed to grow your list.

  • Get more newsletter sign-ups with customizable forms.
  • Launch landing pages for seasonal promotions and data collection.
  • Trigger website pop-ups based on specific web behavior.
Grow your audience and transform it into customers

Win back your shoppers and increase AOV

Cart abandonment costs ecommerce business owners $4 trillion each year. Recover your revenue and increase sales with abandoned cart emails.

  • Automate the recovery of abandoned carts with customer journey workflows.
  • Personalize each message with products, prices, and other information included in the abandoned order.
  • Easily integrate abandoned cart emails with your ecommerce platform or website tracking tools.
Win back your shoppers and increase AOV

Instant delivery and analytics for transactional emails

Never miss a receipt or order confirmation email again. Get instant delivery of the most time-critical emails.

  • Easily manage marketing and transactional communication in one platform.
  • Use API or SMTP-based implementation that's easy to configure with your ecommerce platform.
  • Get real-time analytics, including opens, clicks, bounces, sent volume, and more.
Instant delivery and analytics for transactional emails

Boost promotions with promo codes for record-breaking results

Get more revenue out of your next sale with GetResponse MAX promo codes.

  • Use promo codes for seasonal sales and individual customer discounts.
  • Integrate promo codes into newsletters and automated messages.
  • Promo codes integrate directly with your preferred ecommerce platform.
Boost promotions with promo codes for record-breaking results

Solid integrations drive better results

Add GetResponse MAX to your existing marketing stack with our seamless 100+ integrations and robust API.

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